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BAANX – Why We Are Watching This Closely…

AAXXII Venture Capital Report.

Company:   Baanx

Token:   BXX

Date:  29/11/2021

The follow document breaks down why AAXXII Venture Capital Invested in the BXX Token that is associated with the Baanx global ecosystem.


What is Baanx:

Baanx is a B2B2C cards, wallet and lending white label business that allows its clients to produce credit cards and virtual wallets to spend and transfer fiat and digital assets.

Example: “Client A” has 50k users and wants to offer a card program and lending to its users. To achieve this they would partner with Baanx and that would enable the client to deliver branded cards for their users within 6 weeks plus give them access to a digital wallet and lending products.

Baanx have all the licenses and API’s already meaning their clients don’t have to build their own card program, wallet or lending product which can be incredibly expensive and time consuming.

Baanx work as a true partner and will continue to develop additional services and features dependant on their client’s needs.

To be clear, the Baanx App that a large number of token holders use is NOT the product and is purely a working prototype for future customers to see and understand a few of the features Baanx can deliver. The products they deliver for their clients is a far superior product. The Baanx App is not trying to compete against its clients even though a large majority of token holders would like to see this.


The Opportunity:

Due to the number of partnerships Baanx are winning, they are putting the business in a position to be one of the biggest players in Crypto cards and lending.

As of September 2021 Blockfi had 450,000 retail users and valuation of 3bn. Baanx are in a position via the partnerships to have more users using their products. Baanx’s current market valuation is a fraction of a business like Blockfi and this is where the investment opportunity lies.

One of the downsides of a business like Baanx is that it is not the main product like a Blockfi. Baanx will market services to its target clients but will not market the business directly to retail customers as it is the engine that powers their client’s cards, wallets and lending and they won’t compete against their clients.

This can lead to some frustration in the token investment community as they are more likely to promote their clients products (powered by Baanx) rather than their own. The overall marketing associated with the BXX token so far to date has been poor. But based on recent hires we expect to see a great improvement here.

The main feature that excited us about the Baanx and BXX token project was the concept of free or discounted lending on clients platforms. Reduced cost lending or free lending would be possible for users that stake the BXX token. This would drive a huge demand for the BXX token.

With amount of clients Baanx are on boarding and the roadmap indicating one super client with a huge user base we would expect to see significant upside on the BXX token.

Ideal scenario would be exclusive partnerships that enable lending with the BXX staked meaning users would have to go to the exchanges to source BXX tokens and drive up demand.  Similar to $BNB, $CRO or $NEXO.

As it stands today at writing this thesis (Sunday 28th November 2021) the BXX market cap is at 1.6m which is exceptionally low for a token project winning so many clients and about to deploy genuine utility on the token.


So how do we explain the current price ($0.065 at time of writing) when the private sale price was at $0.10?

This is down to a number of factors and some history. Baanx initially raised money for their token in 2018 and only in June 2021 did the token list on an exchange which was great news for long term investors but also a path to exit the project after such a long wait for impatient investors.


Why the recent decrease? Poor marketing and communication.

The levels of clarity and updates to their community has not been good enough leaving a large number of BXX token holders exiting to make the most of the bull market and other projects. The inability to articulate what they are building and significant impact on the effect on the token has seen people exit, that coupled with a liquidity drain on Uniswap and slow updates has tested the patience of the community.


But why is AAXXII bullish on Baanx and BXX?

The partnerships mean they potentially could have one of the largest client bases in crypto cards and lending space. If a small portion of the their clients introduce lending via their wallets which uses the BXX token then there would be a huge surge in the BXX token value. The partnership reach would mean they are competing immediately with the likes of Blockfi and Nexo whose token value sits at time if writing at 1.4bn. The room to the upside is huge. 50-100x could happen overnight.

They are also investing in key hires and listening to the community. We are told they are in current talks with bigger exchanges to bring BXX to a wider audience and making key hires on product but also marketing.

As a regulated entity they have strict rules on what they can say and how they can make announcements but the room for improvement is ten fold here and will greatly benefit the project and community.

The recent investment into a taking a stake in a US bank is an incredible move giving access and opening up more opportunity for growth.

The recent hires are all well renowned industry experts which are only attracted to lucrative projects. We hope they will make more noise about the talent they are attracting. Smart people are joining this team.


Patience is Key.

Why is patience key? Simply because they are in partnership delivery mode, this is the critical time where they deliver the products for each client that enables real utility and need for the BXX token. Not every partnership is going to require the BXX token and we are keen to understand more if the Baanx team can find other ways to utilise the token BUT the ones that do require the BXX token to access free lending, free cards, reduced fees will drive a very positive impact on the value.

Baanx is going to help a lot of traditional businesses take there first steps into the cryptoverse and help drive additional adoption for the industry.

If Baanx can continue to secure these top tier clients and get exclusive agreements on utilising their token then it’s skies the limit for Baanx and the BXX token.


  • World Class Team being assembled from Cards, Wallets and Lending worlds.
  • Serious external investment.
  • Token Utility use case about to commence
  • Long list of future pipeline and clients including a unicorn client according to the BXX roadmap.
  • New Exchange being lined up
  • Uniswap and Pancake Swap also expected
  • Incredibly small market cap considering the road map of clients and utility.
  • Marketing and communication hires being made to address issues.
  • Loyal but growing impatient community.
  • 50-100x potential in the next twelve months

Who are AAXXII Venture Capital:

“The Bridge between traditional and future venture investing”

AAXXII is a fund that identifies long term value, exponential growth markets and surrounds investments with expertise’s and support to ensure success.

What makes AAXXII unique is that it enables individuals outside of institutional investors to benefit from the success of the fund and give access to venture deals. Breaking down walls between institutional investors and retail.


Unlike a number of funds only focused on next generation technologies AAXXII Venture Capital will not limit its investment criteria to a product type, we seek out strong management teams, world class products and real paths to profit and investors returns.

Community is at the heart of AAXXII’s investment approach and AAXXII Token (coming 2022) is the one of the bridges that enables the community to benefit. The Core Investing Products: AAXXII Venture Capital (AAXXII VC) others its community two vehicles to access early investment opportunities. Those vehicles  are:

  1. i. The Syndicate ii.The AAXXII Fund.



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